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We are excited and ready for more businesses to join us on the block. Do you like what you have read about our goals and plans? Are you a local business and ready for the next step? We would love to hear more about your company and dreams. Please feel free to contact us about any of our buildings or spaces that are available for lease.

The 800 block of East Broadway

810/812 E Broadway

Looking for a third floor tenant. Perfect for open work space or lofts.

Aprox. 4,600 sq. ft.


816 E Broadway

The Broadway Theater will be available beginning of 2022 for small events, corporate events or training, performance art, house concerts and more.

Aprox. 13,500 sq. ft.


718 Logan Street

This is the Epping house. John G. Epping had this house built so that he was able to live right next to his business. This property is in need of some TLC. A great spot for a business in need of office or retail space.

Aprox. 2,000 sq. ft.


716 Logan Street

This building is located next to the Epping house on Logan Street. This former Epping bottling structure stands out with new renovated facade, roof and windows. Amazing spot for a brewery, restaurant or retail store.


814 E Broadway

We are looking for a local business to open a restaurant or coffee shop. 814 is a beautiful building with a new roof and large custom-built skylights. In 2022 this building has gone through a well-deserved renovation. We are waiting on the finishing touches, renovation of the facade, flooring, windows and hopefully more once we find a tenant for this open and bright building.

Aprox. 7,000 sq. ft.


816 E Broadway

Kiosk space available in the Broadway Theater. There is room for a small shop to sell coffee, drinks, breakfast and or lunch items. Possible seating options available in the hallway or outside if in compliance with city rules.

Aprox. 200 sq. ft.


822 E Broadway

This building is conveniently on the corner of Logan Street and E Broadway.

It used to belong to Epping bottling works. This property will be available for lease starting November 2023. There is potential for office, retail or restaurant space.

Aprox. 11,0000 sq. ft.

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