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Meet our Team

Anna Sorrell
Co- founder Epping District

Anna was born and raised in the Netherlands. She studied nursing there and worked in West Africa. There she met her husband who is a native of Louisville, KY. The United States has become their family's home. Anna brings a European flair to Epping District. She comes from a long line of designers and developers in her family. This opportunity gives Anna a chance to tap into her creative side. Her vision fits with what we dream of for this block. A welcoming experience right in the heart of Louisville. Bringing old, historic buildings back to life while respecting what they once used to be. As a mom of three, she shares the common goal to create a family friendly environment within our district. 

Rachel Zink
Co- Founder Epping District

Rachel was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She studied nursing at WKU and, after graduating, she worked in multiple cities in the US. She met her husband right here in Louisville, where they live with their 3 kids and dog. The last 4 years Rachel managed the commercial properties now part of Epping District. In 2020 she stepped away from her nursing job to work fulltime on achieving her dream of creating Epping District within the buildings that have been in the Zink family for 40+ years. Rachel is focused on creating opportunities for others within those walls. Her inspiration and vision comes from travel all over the world and living in DC. She is very focused on the community around us, and what Epping District can offer for all.

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