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Fancy Coffee


Come visit the businesses that have already joined us on this journey!


Coworking is available at Launch Louisville in 822 East Broadway. Launch Louisville opened its doors in 2018 and has been a successful coworking space. In September and October Launch Louisville went through some updates. The space became more bright and inviting. Easy access for members and lots of different work stations make it simple to come in and get busy for the day. Plenty of coffee is available for early mornings or late nights. Launch offers hotdesks, private desks, and semi private office space. 24/7 access is available depending on the membership. Want to know more? Click below.

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Coffee Shop



We are excited to welcome a coffee shop to the block!! We have not found you yet. Are you looking to open up a shop? This is your chance... We are in need of some caffeine in this area of town! Check out the properties that are available.

Broadway Theatre

COMING SOON! Broadway Theatre will open its doors soon. The Theatre will be available for small events, performing arts, house concerts, corporate events and more. If you are interested in learning more or want to get a date on the calendar, please contact us.

Opening in 2022 

LRS 102

REAL LIVE LOCAL DJ'S! LRS's studio is in our district and has been since 2018. For live streaming, concert calendar, DJ information and more, click on the LRS logo.

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