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Welcome to Epping District, where a new phenomenon arises. This is the beginning of a new story that we want to make big and buzzing with you! We will open in phases on the site where the former John G. Epping Bottling Works has been housed for over 150 years.

This area will turn out to be an inspiring stopping & shopping place for residents and visitors of the city. A place where creatives show their signature, concept stores find a permanent place, foodies will immerse themselves in their passion and young talents explore their possibilities. Epping District offers a stage for eclectic influences from around the city.



Explore Epping District today! For this area of town is full of new opportunities. Discover and dream with us of what is coming soon. Or maybe you want to be part of this development?



Epping District is at the beginning of it's journey. Our buildings are not, there is a rich history. We get to continue sharing these stories. Do you want to be part of this unique chapter in Louisville, KY? Read more about our plans and opportunities for new business. 



Epping District is a welcoming, family friendly district. A special spot in Louisville KY that honors the history of the buildings and neighborhood. A district that focuses on creating opportunities for local businesses, performing arts, green space, and education. A place that locals can spend the day and enjoy a unique area downtown close to home.

Our organization is determined to work together as a team to preserve an area in town that holds incredible history. To continue telling its story and transform Epping District into a welcoming environment for all. We strive to work as a team and embrace one another’s talents.

OUR Vision
& Mission statement



We will carry a small collection of clothing online and coming soon in our coffee shop, Markets and at special events. Our clothing are some of our favorites and hand picked every season by us personally.

Cafe Interior

good food

Epping District is looking for a local business to open a small lunch cafe, restaurant and or kiosk in the theatre. This place could be yours!

Modern Laptop

@Launch Louisville

We are currently looking to hire a part time team member. Take a look on the site and contact us if you are interested!

Calling for


Our block is in much need of a cool coffee stop! Have you been dreaming of opening your own shop? We have space for you!

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